ARTdiVIN® brings a unique ‘Box & Bottle’ concept created to offer wine-lovers an outstanding and original way to present their premium-quality wines at the dinner table. On the outside a luxury case produced to a highly creative design, and on the inside a bottle of fine wine, one of the most precious products made by nature and man.

The luxury cases created by ARTdiVIN® are developed by specific designers and artists to hold a bottle of fine wine. These objects are unique or made in limited series. As an option, we we will soon offer a wide assortment of premium wines, all of which have a long lifespan, so there’s plenty of time to decide when to uncork the bottle. This unique concept provides the opportunity to offer an original and high quality gift to friends, colleagues, your lifetime or professional partner, or why not for yourself ... Since these luxury cases are pieces of art that stand on their own they are intended to become a part of your interior when not used at the dinner table.

And,  for the connaisseurs, it is not only about the aesthetics ... the Box serves a function since it will keep your precious wine at the correct drinking temperature right at the table. Specific ARTdiVIN® designs are better suited for white and others for red wines. A bottle of great wine should be served at the optimal temperature: 10-12°C for most white wines and 18°C for most red wines. Once on the table the wine will either cool down too much (in the ice-cooler) or warm up to room temperature (easily 22°C and above). Putting your bottle in a pre-conditioned luxury case of ARTdiVIN® will make sure to preserve the ideal drinking temperature. And at the same time you have a unique piece of art/design on your dinner table. Each luxury case is individually produced and/or hand-crafted, therefore ARTdiVIN® will only accept orders for individual items or small series to guarantee you are getting a unique design/art object!

Finally, ARTdiVIN® is constantly evolving, both inside and outside.
On the outside, we remain on the look-out for new designers and artists to work with. We continually seek for new artists to complement our own in-house creative talent.
On the inside, we can offer you premium-quality Bordeaux wines, which are guaranteed to leave you with an outstanding tasting experience. Please enquire for more information.

By the way, feel free to think ‘out of the box’. Our creations aren’t limited to what you see here, ask us and we will create an exclusive design for you, a unique piece or a limited edition.


All designs shown on this web site are ownership of or are licensed to Bulens & Co | ARTdiVIN bvba.


ARTdiVIN® is a registered trademark of Bulens & Co | ARTdiVIN bvba which stands for high standards of quality, not only for the materials we use, the products we make and the way in which we deliver to our customers, but also for the way in which we work and how we interact with our eco-­system.

Bulens & Co | ARTdiVIN bvba is a family owned business based in Belgium.